Sunday, April 4, 2010

Vastu Shastra Vs Feng Shui

Feng Shui is currently very popular around the world. It is very well commercialized and people really pay a huge amount of money to consult Feng Shui when they build a house or building. They are willing to even sponsor Feng Shui Masters air-ticket and accommodation and that is excluding his consultation fees.

However Vastu is a closely guarded secret which very rare and not so popular as Feng Shui. Only Temple priest and a small niche of architects have these knowledge. However in India, Vastu is very popular due to its origin and it is spreading around the globe.

Which to choose?? Feng Shui or Vastu?? Read on and decide...

Let me explain the differences:

Feng Shui has 5 elements which are Earth, Metal, Wood, Fire and Water. Each represents a particular directions. They pay more attention towards South. In Feng Shui, South facing Plots are considered auspicious.

However in Vastu, We have 5 elements too. termed as Water, Fire, Earth, Wind and Space. Which are what we called as (Panchaboothas) These are the only elements exist on earth. Without anyone of it, life cannot exist.

In feng Shui, there is Metal and wood which is also the Earth element. That is the controversy.

On top of that, it has its own universal Cosmo grid called Ba Gua. An Octagonal shape. They plan houses using this. Since its south Facing. South direction is categorized as Red Phoenix, North is Black Tortuise, West is white tiger and East is Green Dragon. They emphasize having Hills along the North region of a place is very auspicious and South opening is very auspicious.

In Vastu, we use the Vastu Purusha Mandala Grid for construction. As you read on upcoming articles, I will explain how do we attain this grid and it is similar to the Ba Gua in Feng Shui.

Next, they use the concept of Chi energy flow in a home to make the place more vibrant. They too uses the concept of Yin and Yang energy.

In Vastu it is termed as Prana Energy attained from the 22.5 degree tilt of the earth. So cosmic energy comes from Northeast. That is why we pay attention to Northeast and have more openings there.

Upon consulting Feng Shui, the master normal takes the persons date of birth, horoscope and does astrological calculations and results to that persons "kua number" or magic number. Upon that he decides which direction is Auspicious for him.

In Vastu, we called it Jyotisha (astrology) and Numerlogy. Upon deciding direction, we use the complex Ayadi Calculation.

The core difference between these 2 sciences is the "Area" which they apply it. Feng Shui is a need in China. Why? They pay much attention towards South due to the warm air coming from South and Southeast. They suggest high hills and mountains along Northern region as a prevention of the freezing air coming form Northern zone. This is true and they must apply it and they will experience positive results. That is why is its popular in the states on many freezing regions.

However in Vastu, it is universally applicable regardless of where you live under any conditions. Cosmic energy comes from Northeast (More open space) and it should be stored in Southwest (Less space and windows). Magnetic energy North-South. Sleep towards South for good sleep regardless of what is your "kua number" In vastu, a persons direction has an important role only when he is building a new house. The house facing direction. Thats all. An average person like you and me, to attain the pranic energy, Just face East or North to attain it for anything you do and you can observe the differences. Solar energy from the Sun from East to West. Cook facing East to attain the Vitamin D of Morning sun.

Many Feng Shui Masters uses gadgets, statues, fountains, crystals and they markup a significantly high price to their customers. On top, they name it as Feng Shui Item. In reality there is no such thing as Feng Shui Item. Feng Shui is a science and it deals with science of tapping the universal force in enhancing the well fare of human beings.

Crystal, Gemstones is another science by itself. It has enhancing values on human beings. That is true. But it is not a Feng Shui item.

Take an example of the Laughing Buddha for wealth. Buddha in reality was never that huge. However, in Indian Terminology, we have a Deity call Kuberan. He has a huge figure. He, in fact is what we call it "Laughing Buddha". He governs the North sector, planet is Mercury (Buddha). Basically it is copied and commercialized.

My opinion are these Feng Shui gadgets only act as a psychological effect when explained to customers. When a Feng Shui master says that by putting this gadget here that can enhance health. His "words" conditions us psychologically and in return when we attain it. So we thank him and that gadget, forgetting that we ourselves conditioned the conscious mind and paid focus on it to attain it.

In reality, Feng Shui is Similar to Vastu. However, Vastu has been around long time way before Feng Shui was introduced. The founder of Feng Shui is the great Lord Buddha. Thats a fact. However, in Hinduism, Buddha was a prince in India by the name of Siddartha Gautama. He was in fact a re-incarnation of Lord Vishnu. As an incarnation, He knew very well of all The Vedas (Complete knowledge) However, he denied certain rules in Hindusim that involves Killing as a mean of sacrifice. That is the reason people in India has less influence on Buddhism but had a very good response in China. As a monk, he traveled to China with his fellow monks and they picked up these Vedic Knowledge. They incorporated Taoism and other cultures Feng Shui is being born.

To conclude, upon measuring both sciences, Vastu Shastra is the origin of Feng Shui. Vastu Shastra can be applied regardless of religion and beliefs. Its a science of cosmos. If you are a member of this planet earth sheltered under 4 walls. Vastu has already been applied in your place. When negative effects occurs in your life, check your home, rectify it and get relieved. Then you will lead a comfortable life. Any activities you wish to pursue will be much easier with less struggle.

Take an example, why you don't mind spending RM15 for a cup of coffee in Star Bucks where u can spend only Rm0.90 in a coffee shop? We pay cause of the atmosphere and the ambiance we get. thats why.

Why not have a nice atmosphere within the 4 walls of your house for the rest of your life??

Kairesh Jeevant
Vastu Expert


  1. He has a huge figure. He, in fact is what we call it "Laughing Buddha". He governs the North sector, planet is Mercury (Buddha). Basically it is copied and commercialized. feng shui master

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